Book Vendors, 2017

Bead Friends- Rene Armstrong

Draper Road, North End, In front of Benny's (D81)

Dichoic jewelry, sea glass jewelry, books


Main Street, North End, Bookholders (M19)

Books, clothing, Hokie apparel.

Happy Knack Publishing LLC- Elizabeth Passo

Roanoke Street, West End, Near Farmers Market (R8)

Books with illustrations personalized onsite

Laurel Hill Publishing- Tom Perry

Draper Road, North Side (D42)


Pocahontas Press- Mike & Jane Abraham

Main Street, South End, In front of Tech Bookstore (M41)


Thistle & Lark- Jessie Biggs

Lee Street, West End, Near Children 's Area (L17)

Handmade Books, Jewelry