Steppin' Out 2017 T-Shirts

The 2017 Steppin' Out T-shirts are all sold out.

37th annual Steppin' Out t-shirt

The Steppin' Out t-shirt has become an annual collector's item and is part of the great Steppin' Out tradition! We are excited to reveal the design for this year's t-shirt and to introduce you to the designer- Andrew Hill. Andrew entered and won the annual t-shirt design contest held by Downtown Blacksburg, Inc. this year! The Steppin' Out t-shirt was printed by downtown merchant, High Peak Sportswear.

About the Designer

Andrew Hill is a working freelance artist and graphic designer and recent graduate of Virginia Tech's School of Visual Arts' Visual Communication Design program. He is honored to have his artwork selected to represent Steppin' Out and the rich arts culture of Blacksburg and the surrounding New River Valley! Throughout his years of study at Virginia Tech, and his art education within the Blacksburg community, Andrew has been continually inspired by the abundant detail of Blacksburg's buildings and architecture as well as the lush color palettes within the surrounding landscape.

His design for this year's Steppin' Out shirt draws heavily on these influences and is a heartfelt tribute to a town, its people, and an ecologically rich landscape he has grown to know and love. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys playing with his two new kittens, Essie and Oscar, and can frequently be found out for a leisurely bike ride through the rolling hillsides surrounding his country home. Andrew is excited to be involved in Steppin' Out this year as well as several other upcoming artistic opportunities within the Blacksburg community—he would like to thank his family, friends both new and old, and his professors for their unconditional support and continued interest in his personal and artistic growth.