Steppin' Out 2019 T-Shirts

39th annual Steppin' Out t-shirt

The Steppin' Out t-shirt has become an annual collector's item and is part of the great Steppin' Out tradition! We are excited to reveal the design for this year's t-shirt and to introduce you to the designer- Dale Goorskey. Dale entered and won the annual t-shirt design contest held by Downtown Blacksburg, Inc. this year! The Steppin' Out t-shirt was printed by downtown merchant, High Peak Sportswear.

Meet the Steppin' Out 2019 t-shirt designer

Dale A Goorskey
Sometimes I am asked to explain my art.
“What do you paint?” “How did you start painting?” “What are your paintings about?”
To answer the first. I paint mostly in watercolor. I like bright colorful paintings with contrasts of black. The beginning of a painting is always the hardest second only to the question when is it done? But I like a challenge. So I like to say the world is a beautiful creation lets see what I can make of it? That’s the beginning that's how the art starts.

How it happened that I paint at all? We'll, I'm just living life and one day I was moving out of an apartment. It was while taking my trash to the alley garbage can and found that someone had thrown out a new 50 ft roll of watercolor paper. I thought “well now I wonder what I can do with that?”

So I took the roll, bought some watercolor paints and began creating bad paintings. That was 2004.

You see when I was a teen in the 60's my mother had taught me to use oil paints but I had veered off that creative track into film photography as an artistic vent. I loved film photography then. But digital photography became the future and while I still like photography, it wasn't as full for me. Painting seemed to be a way back to the beginning. With a roll of paper I was inspired again.

Since then I have been painting as I say mostly in watercolor. Teaching myself about different styles and cultures in water media. For instance my daughter-in-law from Taiwan one day inspired me by her making of traditional Chinese New Year cards using Chinese calligraphy. I now use an Asian style in my painting.

What are they about? Beliefs are always present in all art I think. I believe in the beginning God created all things. My art is a figure of this belief. I am at the beginning when I paint. After all it's a beautiful world how would you explain that? I paint.